Terms & Conditions

The janger® is protected by various registered and unregistered intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to:

UK Patent Number GB2474314
UK Patent Number GB2474329
European Patent Application Number EP2523581
US Patent Application Number 13/521,867
Canadian Patent Application Number TBC

Registered Designs/Design Patents
US Design Patent Number D657,577
Community Design Registration Numbers 001782624-0001 to 001782624-0005
Pakistani Design Registration Number 15661-D
Australian Design Registration Number TBC

Community Trade Mark Number 009767328
Community Trade Mark Number 010153963
Australian Trade Mark Number TBC
US Trade Mark Number TBC
Canadian Trade Mark Number TBC

Additionally, the janger is covered by copyright throughout the world and also by unregistered design rights.

The janger Limited take intellectual property matters seriously and reserve the right to take action against those that infringe its rights.